“Blessed is he who preferreth his brother to himself.”


Getting Started to Being Baha’i


The Basic Tenets of the Bahá’í Faith are:

    • There is one God
    • Independent investigation of scripture
    • Gender equality
    • Universal education
    • Racial equality and the elimination of all prejudice
    • Religion is the foundation of Love and Unity
    • Harmony between science and religion
    • All religion has a common foundation
    • Equality and brotherhood among mankind
    • The need for a common language
    • Elimination of poverty
    • Universal peace
    • Protection of Cultural diversity
    • Humankind’s acceptance God’s love

The Next steps in Being Baha’i

To get better insight into each of these ideas and others that make of the Baha’i Faith please explore some of the books and writings featured on our Baha’i Writings page. Or come visit one of our events in Long Beach.

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